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As a combat veteran, a former city councilor, and a legislator who served our state for twelve years, it has been my privilege to serve as a voice for those who couldn’t speak for themselves. For over 36 years, Cathy and I have made Oregon our home. We’ve raised our kids here and they all attended our public schools. We were blessed with opportunities that only come from living and working in a state like Oregon. Although we lived the American dream, for many families, those opportunities are fewer and fewer. In the past year, I’ve had the chance to reflect on my journey to this point. I watched in dismay as the legislature failed to pass meaningful ethics and public records reforms in the wake of the scandal that forced John Kitzhaber to resign the governorship. I’ve read with frustration articles about the Department of Energy and the sweetheart deals given to energy tax credit investors, money that is going into the pockets of the connected few rather than being used to benefit all Oregonians. And I’ve listened frustrated mothers fighting for their children to get the education they deserve, only to receive empty promises from those in elected leadership. What I realized in this past year is that I couldn’t walk away from those who still need a voice. As the Secretary of State, I will focus on:

  • Conducting performance and fiscal audits so we can discover waste and incompetence, eliminate needless red-tape, and return savings to the General Fund.
  • Getting to the bottom of why our schools are failing. It’s time we had a leader who will search for the real reasons our education dollars aren’t reaching children in the classroom, and make recommendations so that every child has his or her best shot at a successful future.
  • Ensuring our election process, the most critical part of our democracy, is fair and transparent.
  • Welcoming new businesses to Oregon through the Corporations Division and supporting our existing businesses as they seek to expand and grow.
  • Preserving public records and archives, and making sure public records are accessible and delivered in a timely and affordable manner to the public when requested.
  • Bringing a balanced voice to the State Lands Board that preserves the beauties of our environment while creating jobs for Oregonians, particularly those in our rural communities.

I believe Oregonians deserve a leader who is focused on our future. We need a Secretary of State who understands Oregon, one with the capability, the reputation and the experience to ensure our government is held to the highest ethical standards. Our next Secretary of State must ensure that Oregon taxpayers are getting a good and honest value for their tax dollars. That’s not happening right now, but together, with your support, we can change the path we’re on and bring back accountability to state government! Sincerely, dennis-signature

Dennis Richardson

Candidate for Oregon Secretary of State

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