About Dennis Richardson

Dennis Richardson grew up with the core belief that we all have a role to play in our communities, and whenever we can, we have an obligation to serve as a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves.

As a combat helicopter pilot in Vietnam, Dennis learned that leadership sometimes means making incredibly difficult decisions in the worst possible circumstances. Dennis carried his military service and experience with him into his work and public life.

The words “Republican” and “Trial lawyer” don’t always go together, but in his practice as a small town attorney, Dennis always put his clients first, working to ensure they had the best possible outcome. As a voice for those who had been wronged, Dennis used his skills as a tenacious attorney, working tirelessly to achieve justice for his clients.

His work as an attorney led him to a new path – public service. Dennis served on the Central Point City Council before being elected to the Oregon Legislature in 2002. During his twelve years of legislative service, Dennis served in both leadership and policy positions.  He was elected by unanimous vote of his Democratic and Republican colleagues as Speaker Pro Tem in his second term and in 2011, Dennis was selected as one of the Co-Chairs of the Joint Senate-House Ways & Means Committee. As Co-Chair, Dennis successfully led the state out of a $3.5 billion dollar budget deficit without raising taxes and ended that biennium with the largest ending-fund balance in the state’s history.

Dennis has been married to his wife Cathy for 42 years. They have eight daughters, one son and 32 grandchildren. When Dennis and Cathy aren’t busy with family, they are volunteering in their community helping people find jobs, serving on the Board of ACCESS Food Share or serving meals for at a local shelter in Southern Oregon.

As Oregon’s next Secretary of State, Dennis is committed to applying his experience, work-ethic and reputation to restoring Accountability, Transparency and Integrity to this office and in the services the Secretary of State provides.


About Dennis Richardson for Secretary of State - Oregon