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On Nov. 8 Oregon voters sent a clear message electing Dennis Richardson: It’s time we restore accountability, transparency and integrity to government. Our ambitious priorities will help Oregon families and businesses thrive and we’re excited for the road ahead. The Office of the Secretary of State-elect is seeking professionals in an extensive search for the best and brightest minds eager to apply significant time and talent in our cause to affect meaningful change in Oregon.
We are currently accepting applications to fill the following positions:
• Audits Division Director
• Graduate Student Fellowship
• Undergraduate Student Internship
If you wish to be considered for a position working for Secretary-elect Richardson please fill out the form below and our transition team will review and be in contact with finalists.*


Thank you for your interest in applying,

Dennis Richardson


INSTRUCTIONS: A single .pdf file with resume & cover letter is preferred, but .doc, .txt and .rtf and multiple files are also are also accepted.

* This form does not substitute for the official State hiring process. Final candidates will need to submit a State of Oregon employment application at a later date. Position titles and responsibilities are subject to change. Not all submissions will receive a response.