Editorial boards from newspapers across Oregon have much to say about the SOS race

Dear Friends,

Oregon’s Primary election is finally here, and if you haven’t voted yet, please take a few minutes and do so ASAP.

I would appreciate your vote that will keep me on target to become Oregon’s next Secretary of State!  Since your ballot must be returned before 8 p.m. on May 17th, please don’t delay.  And, if my name is not on your ballot, please write-in “Dennis Richardson” for Secretary of State.

After the Cover Oregon fiasco and the resignation of Governor Kitzhaber for corruption, our message of restoring “Accountability, Transparency and Integrity” to state government is resonating across party lines from Astoria to Ashland.

Take a look at what Oregon’s top newspapers have written when endorsing our campaign:

From The Oregonian:

“A noted fiscal hawk, Richardson would make effective use of the office’s audit function.”

From the Willamette Week:

“Serving as the state’s chief auditor, which is one of the secretary of state’s prime jobs, would be a good fit for Richardson, one of the first lawmakers to raise substantive concerns about Cover Oregon.”

From The Bend Bulletin:

“A key function of the Secretary of State’s Office is auditing. It looks at state programs to ensure the public’s money is spent properly and that the programs do what they are supposed to. It’s hard to imagine a better candidate for leading that function than Richardson. He knows from experience how the state works and what legislators need to know to make good budget decisions.”

From the Eugene Register-Guard:

“Richardson has the edge based on his detailed platform, his legislative experience, his statewide profile and the bipartisan relationships he has built over the years. He offers Republicans their best chance of winning an office held by Democrats for 30 years.”

Newspapers are also reporting that my potential General election opponents are quickly proving themselves to be unworthy of the position.  Every editorial board that has weighed in took an “anybody but Avakian” strategy in their Primary endorsements for the Democratic nomination.

And then there’s the money! Over the weekend, the Willamette Week pointed out the hypocrisy of Representative Hoyle telling voters we need “big money out of politics”, and then Hoyle accepted $250,000 from New York City’s former Mayor Michael Bloomberg as a reward for her work on Senate Bill 941, the universal background check on gun sales bill.  Bloomberg’s quarter million was in addition to the $100,000 Hoyle was sent from a Washington, DC women’s group.

I’m proud that the vast majority of our support is coming from local individuals and businesses, not out-of-state special interest groups seeking to buy this election.

You can see what we’re up against.  Big money is a real problem.  But I’m convinced that with an army of small to moderate contributors – people donating from $15 to $5,000, I can raise the money we need from everyday Oregonians who are tired of seeing our elections go to the highest bidder.

As our next Secretary of State, I will work on campaign finance reforms that increase transparency. Oregon voters deserve to know which out-of-state special interests are trying to buy our state.

Thank you so much for all the support that has brought our campaign to where it is today.

In closing, I firmly believe that restoring accountability, transparency, and integrity to state government through effective, principled leadership is worth whatever sacrifice we each can make. If you will send your check, we will both be investing in Oregon’s future. The road to November is going to be a challenge and together we can win!



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