Legislative leaders make another promise to overhaul a state agency but do you trust them to fix it?

In my twelve years of service as a legislator, I’ve heard many promises from governors, state agency directors, statewide elected officials, legislative leaders, and even special interest lobbyists.
Too often, those promises were broken – and it cost taxpayers a lot of money.
We heard Cover Oregon was going to cost $48 million dollars.  We’re now over $300 million and counting.
We heard if we eliminated the elected position of State Superintendent of Education, it would allow us to hire professionals who would reform our education system.  Instead, we’ve had a revolving door of education personnel and political appointees, and our graduation rates are still one of the worst in the nation.
We also heard that if we allowed the Department of Energy to manage our Business Energy Tax Credit Program, that Oregon would be a leader in green energy.  Instead, the program wasted over a billion dollarsand the department is on its fifth director since 2009.
And those politically-connected special interests?  Their sweetheart deals had them laughing all the way to the bank!
Now, Senate President Peter Courtney and Speaker Tina Kotek are calling for a legislative overhaul of the agency.
Do you trust them to keep their word?  They’ve known about the problems for years and have done nothing to stop it.  How can we trust that there will be action, reform, or even as Senator Courtney suggests, an outright closure of the agency?
In a one-party-rules state, promises are easy to make when there’s no balance in the system to hold you accountable.
As our next Secretary of State, I’m committed to making a full-board audit of the Department of Energy the first assignment I’ll give to the auditing team. Together, we’ll dig deep to find the truth for taxpayers, and make policy recommendations for reform.
There’s just 20 days left to use your 2015 political tax credit to help me win.  In Oregon, the first $50 you give ($100 per taxpaying couple) to a political candidate in a calendar year is a dollar-for-dollar credit on your 2015 tax return.
I’m ready to lead the charge for reform.  Join me!


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