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Ethics Legislation Appeal to Senator Peter Courtney
Ethics Legislation Appeal to Speaker Tina Kotek

Richardson Endorsed by the Media

“A noted fiscal hawk, Richardson would make effective use of the office’s audit function.” - The Oregonian, April 22, 2016 “Richardson has the experience in government and in the private sector. A key function of the Secretary of State’s Office is auditing. It’s hard...

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Address Ethics & Public Records Reform in 2016

Richardson appeals to Presiding Officers to ensure reforms are on the legislative agenda
Central Point, Oregon – Former six-term legislator Dennis Richardson called upon the presiding officers of the Oregon Legislature to ensure that the 2016 legislative session delivers promised ethics, public records, and campaign reforms to Oregonians. In a letter to Senate President Peter Courtney and…

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Dennis Richardson Announces Candidacy for Secretary of State

Richardson campaign to focus on transparency, accountability, and reform
For Immediate Release: Central Point, Oregon – Former twelve-year Oregon lawmaker Dennis Richardson announced today that he’ll be filing for the position of Secretary of State. Richardson, an attorney and decorated military veteran, cited concerns about…

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